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bbbigtime asked: Just a ? On Anavar for women? What is a good dose to take without to high of risk for side affects. Trying to get the most out! Newbie & Curious!

*sry for bein inactive for a while. juicedbuilding is back:)*

Huh you got me. I have no experiences with women :)
But I have knowledge that might help you out a bit. Roids have two main traits that are important for us, bbuilders. Anabolic and androigen ratio. Test is the base - 100/100 others roids are compared to it. Anabolic ratio shows how much it’s likely to cause protein synthesis (though in real world experiences, it doesn’t always work the way it does on paper). Androgenic shows how much it causes masculine traits. Being a women you totally want to avoid them. Look for roids with low androgenic ratios - Equipoise ,Primabolan, Anavar, Deca. Try to keep doses as low as possible.

Anavar is a good choice. I’d suggest not to go over 5mg/day for the first time for 6 weeks.

Btw anavar has a ~400:24 anabolic:androgen ratio . As you see it should be 4 times more anabolic than test but that’s not the case in real life. It would be hard and long to explain why, but in short roids affect a lot other subprocess related to muscle building.

emperorofhormones asked: Finally a blog who is open about hormone use and actually knows that hormones won't fucking kill you. Earned a follower buddy.

*sry for bein inactive for a while. juicedbuilding is back:)*
Thanks mate. Key is using not abusing. It has it’s risk but can be reduced to a minimum if used wisely.
Plus it’s every individuals own choice what he sacrafices for health. Good gains can be achieved with almost no risk. Of course competition level dopeing is harmful as sht I never meant it’s totally safe

uae400 asked: Hi Could you tall me how many grames of protein and carb for who wants to bulk up and for lossing fat. Thanks

*sry for bein inactive for a while. juicedbuilding is back:)*
Bulk up and lose fat? one at a time mate. The two won’t work.

Anonymous asked: UG pharma savage, there is a new and old formula. Do you think it will give good results? It contains Superdrol, Halodrol and LMG. Also included is ATD 10mg to decrease chances of any side effects in the old formula. New formula has halodrol, lmg, Arimistane, and 17a-methyl-1,4-androstadiene-3,17diol. which do you think is best for results?

*sry for bein inactive for a while. juicedbuilding is back:)*
No idea what that is. I’m not up to date with designer ‘roids, only classic oldschool stuff that are proven to be good. Plus I believe it’s not even available in eastern europe.

Anonymous asked: Hey man, been following your page for a while. I've benn lifting for a while and I want to get into steroids, I'm about 9% bodyfat and I plan on bulking soon. I'm pretty good with my diet and cardio. What are some starting things to start taking to see some results from it. Sorry if your reply has to be pretty long, but giving me some advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

*sry for bein inactive for a while. juicedbuilding is back:)*
Let me hear about that good diet. got at least 3g protein / kg? (~6g/lbs)
Got enough carbs? like 12g/lbs at least? Enough good fats?
If all that’s ok start with dianabol. Hope you didn’t expect some fancy shit.
That’s perfect for a start. And in any bulking cycle. Good bang for money, earned the title of “breakfast of champions” for a reason. Been here for 40+ years, I believe the results from it never let anyone down. Start at 20-30mg/day for two months. See how you tolerate it, how your body reacts. For a first time user that’s plenty enough, you’ll see dramatic changes, insane pumps and great gains.

Anonymous asked: what kind of workout would u recommend for a 17yo "skinnyfat" guy if i dont want to juice this early?

its mostly what you eat. eat low carb low fat high protein, follow a simple training routine, eat clean never cheat, do at least 4 cardios a week and you’ll burn the fat off. once ur done with that u’ll look more defined and muscular, than you can start bulking by carefully raising carbs week to week monitoring ur progress : if u see uve gained fat u decrease the ammount of carbs if u dont u keep raising it. experiment with ur body, all of us are different

Anonymous asked: Hey man, so what are your thoughts on test pills for a feel on things?

sry for taking too long to answer ive neglected my tumblr a bit lately. i dont really get what you mean under ‘test pills’, as far as i know testosterone only comes in oil-based injectible form (except for methyltestosterone which i doint recommend at all)